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Reasons to Integrate Your Business with Google Apps

Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world and the search engine of choice for the majority of users on the web.
However, not only does Google provide helpful services for individual consumers looking for websites, it also boasts a range of apps that can help users organize their lives and keep track of their movements.

These apps can be integrated with many of your business’s everyday practices to ensure they run smoothly.

Below are some of the best features of Google apps and how they can be connected with your business, both internal to Google and from their external Marketplace.

Google’s mail service is not only available for individuals. In fact, you can configure your Gmail account with your web domain to act as the email center of your entire operations.

One of the biggest benefits of Google’s service is that it runs on cloud computing (more info on cloud computing if you’re curious).

This means that rather than having all of your data stored on a hard drive in your office, the information is saved on Google’s own servers, allowing you to download it from any location you want, and not have to rely on saving it to external storage hardware and take it around with you.

You can also use the chat feature to talk instantly with colleagues and clients who are online at the same time.

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