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U.S.has killed Osama bin Laden, President says

U.S. forces have killed Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, U.S. President Barack Obama told the world Sunday night.
The U.S conducted a ground operation Sunday at a compound in Abbottabad, a city in the northern part of the country, that led to the death of bin Laden, Obama said in a dramatic late-night statement at the White House.

A small group of American commandos “killed bin Laden and took custody of his body,” he said.

“His demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace.”
The U.S. president said he was briefed on a possible lead on the location of bin Laden last August, who had eluded capture for a decade.

“Finally, last week I determined we had enough intelligence to take action and authorized an operation to get Osama bin Laden and bring him to justice,” Obama said. “Today at my direction the United States launched a targeted operation on that compound.”

Obama said no Americans were hurt in the operation and great care was taken not to kill any civilians. He praised the American team for their “extraordinary courage and capability.”
“Justice has been done,” the president said.

Visitors outside the White House could be heard chanting “U.S.A! U.S.A!” and singing the U.S. national anthem prior to Obama’s address. The small group swelled from dozens to hundreds by the end of the speech.

The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington took the lives of nearly 3,000 people, including 24 Canadians.
The attack was a defining moment in U.S. history, leading to the war in Afghanistan. It has shaped global politics for the past decade.

Former president George W. Bush famously pledged to take bin Laden “dead or alive” and his two terms were largely defined by the war on terror.
In a statement, Bush congratulated the Obama administration. The former president said his successor called him to inform him of the development.

“I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude,” Bush said in a statement.

Born in 1957 in Saudi Arabia, bin Laden was born into a wealthy family that made its fortune in the construction business.

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