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Un an après le discours Grenoble, Nicolas Sarkozy

Before leaving on vacation, Nicolas Sarkozy, traveling to Châteauneuf-du-Pape Thursday, tried to strike a blow. A stroke of President, this time not as a supercop speech a year ago near Grenoble where he had taken a path he knows well, that of security.
In case of full-Woerth Bettencourt and after the failure of the regional, he launched a declaration of “war against the criminals, thugs,” stigmatizing Roma and promising the deprivation of citizenship for foreign-born killers. One way to regain his electorate to the right people.

Another President

In the Vaucluse, perhaps boosted by a rise in the polls, President Sarkozy wants to fight the FN on his land, lambasting the request output of the euro Marine Le Pen: “Big deal! In one decision, it would double the debt of France, “said he, reports Le Monde.Strategy représidentialisation one year of the election.

Now Nicolas Sarkozy has passed the torch to his guns safe door, with the front-line Interior Minister Claude Gueant, MP Eric Ciotti, national secretary of the UMP in charge of security, which will make a bill to regulate military juvenile offenders, or populist Lionel Luca.

Nicolas Sarkozy exchange strategy com ‘

“The best communication is not to do. There is an authenticity, no fuss. You have to be minimalist. That’s why I will not interview for a while, “confided the French president in Sunday newspaper in May. Effective strategy to believe the poll, still in the JDD, July 24, noting a rise of six points of positive opinions about it. A score unprecedented since the fall of 2008. “Everyone thought I was dead, those who said I had no chance of being re-elected for their expenses are,” he exclaimed to his family as the chained duck on Wednesday. While in the president’s entourage has been praised for his attitude in “withdrawal”. But it is still in the polls that the withdrawal is significant when advanced seven lengths in a second round against Francois Hollande.

François Hollande has a different answer for juvenile offenders

To the socialist, the anniversary of the speech rather Grenoble rhyme with “inaction”. In an interview to be published today in the Dauphine Libere, François Hollande is struck by “the gap between verbal provocation of discourse and the inaction of the specific policies of Nicolas Sarkozy.”

On security, the nomination for president of the PS fixed “two priorities: we must put the police and gendarmes where needs are most needed with penal responses faster and more responsive to new forms of crime, accompanied by monitoring during and after the period of incarceration to prevent recidivism. ”

Then continues François Hollande, “we must ensure that juvenile offenders are removed from their neighborhood schools by opening rehabilitation strengthened many more today

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