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Devil’s Double’ is Iraqi ‘Scarface

The evil twin is a durable dramatic gimmick, and one that isn’t going away soon as long as there are actors who count pages of their own dialogue.

The Devil’s Double — in which Dominic Cooper (An Education) gets to play Uday Hussein (Saddam’s outright psychotic son) as well as his morally upright double — is one such film, in which the gimmick finds a contemporary excuse.

It’s also an object lesson in why serious actors often prefer villainous roles over heroic ones. Even though the story is ostensibly that of Latif Yahia, an Iraqi soldier and unfortunate former classmate of Uday’s, it very soon becomes Uday’s movie.

I mean, who would you rather watch: A troubled protagonist seething with rage but paralyzed by indecision? Or a larger-than-life car-wreck who Hoovers cocaine, swills liquor like Lindsay Lohan, has his way — willing or unwilling — with every woman who takes his fancy (from schoolgirls to brides at their weddings), and kills anyone on a whim, up to and including his father’s most trusted adviser and procurer of prostitutes?

Uday also has a bit of a “mommy” thing going, being seen at one point in bed and comforted by Mrs. Saddam as if he were a child.

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